About Acme

Author: Tony L   Date Posted:23 June 2021 

Acme Merchandising is the division of Acme Group develops and distributes branded merchandise for the retail market and events.

We started designing and making merchandise in 1978 for rock bands, and in later years for licensed brands such as Harley-DavidsonĀ®, the Harley Owners GroupĀ® (H.O.G.) for member merchandise, events and rallies.  The business was started by Tony Blain, a true gentleman and visionary, and is now run by Tony 2! 

Acme have also been involved with events such as the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006, and a number of TV shows and movies.  Thirty years of great brands, and many millions of t-shirts and other merchandise!  Our service is all about making it easy for your brand with designed merchandise delivered to the customer.  We have a great team and we are proud of the service experience we create.  

In every design or branding project we try to capture the essence and integrity of the brand, and how it connects.  We strive to design products our partners and customers are excited to sell, to give, to receive and to remember.

Corporate uniforms and gifts - see Acme Corporate