50-Year-Old Kombi Is Now a Camping Retreat in the Rainforest

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Nobody can deny the iconic status of the Volkswagen Kombi camper. They are instantly recognisable even in the most outlandish settings, and are associated with a certain lifestyle and a time in history when the freedom to hit the road and camp took over the world. 

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The original names such as the Volkswagen Type 2 or the Kombinationskraftwagen (combination motor vehicle) hardly seemed to match the adorable look and friendly silhouette of the German-built van that we know and love.

A 1950s baby, the Kombi would get various nicknames in each country. According to Surfing World, it became Combi Asesina (Killer Kombi) in Peru due to the bus drivers’ aggressiveness, while in Brazil, it was Pao-de-Forma, referring to its bulky shape.

This particular 1971 Kombi is simply named Yvon – an appropriate name for the stylish and vibrant-coloured van with a cheerful orange-and-blue interior. What makes it stand out, though, is the location. No longer traveling, this 49-year-old vintage van became a camping retreat in the rainforest of Central Luzon, the Philippines.

Sitting in the garden of the Subic Rainforest Retreat, it certainly looks out of place among mango trees and monkeys. But 
the Kombi travelled far from Germany, becoming popular, especially throughout Latin America, and it continued to be built all over the world long after the Germans stopped. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to see these retro beauties pop up even in places like the rainforest. 

In good shape and skilfully decorated to preserve its retro flair, Yvon only has enough room for a generous bed, a few puff chairs, and some storage. A carport bathroom with a hot water shower is located nearby, while the rustic shed near the camper serves as a rustic kitchen and dining area, as long as guests are ok with monkeys dropping by regularly.

Air conditioning and Wi-Fi add a modern touch to this unique mixture of retro European charm and tropical beauty. The quirky Yvon Kombi can be booked through Airbnb and has us dreaming of holidays in the rainforest! 

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