The Benefits of Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise (or as we call it; merch), is so much more than just a marketing tool used by businesses to promote their brand. Merch can range from pens and mugs to t-shirts and hats, and can be customised with the logo of your company, club, team etc. While some may dismiss promotional merchandise as a gimmick, there are actually many benefits to incorporating it into your marketing strategy, which we will outline below!


  1. Increased brand exposure and recognition: The primary benefit of promotional merchandise is that it helps increase brand recognition. When people see your company's logo or message on a mug or pen, they are reminded of your brand. This can be especially useful for businesses that are just starting out and are looking to establish a presence in their industry. Promotional merchandise can help get your brand in front of potential customers and clients.


  1. Cost-effective marketing: Promotional merchandise can be a cost-effective marketing tool, especially when compared to other forms of advertising such as TV or print ads. The cost per impression of promotional merchandise is often much lower than other forms of advertising. For example, a promotional pen that costs $1 can be used for several months or even years, making the cost per impression much lower than a magazine or TV ad that runs for 30 seconds and has a definitive expiry date on when someone can view it.


  1. Increased customer loyalty: Another benefit of promotional merchandise is that it can increase customer loyalty. When customers receive a free gift or promotional item, they feel valued and appreciated. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. In fact, according to a survey by the Promotional Products Association International, 83% of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to do business with a company that has given them a promotional item.


  1. Versatility: Promotional merchandise is a versatile marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be given away at trade shows, as a thank you to customers, or as a gift to employees. Promotional merchandise can also be used as part of a larger marketing campaign, such as a social media contest or giveaway.


  1. Tangible reminder: Promotional merchandise provides tangible reminder of your brand. When customers see your logo on a pen or mug, they are reminded of your brand and the products or services you offer. They also may be met with positive memories from their meeting with you. This can be especially useful for businesses that offer complex or technical products, as promotional merchandise can help simplify your message and make it more memorable.


So there you have it! Merchandise is a cost-effective and versatile marketing tool for your business! By incorporating merch into your marketing strategy, you can build goodwill with customers and employees and help establish a presence in your industry. Reach out to us via this link or call us on 02 9311 8500 for all your merchandising needs.


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