The History of Old Guy’s Rule


Old Guy's Rule is a brand is all about celebrating the awesomeness of being an old guy, and it's solidified it’s place as a real cultural icon in the world of fashion for old dudes. Let us take you to the beginning…

Old Guy's Rule was founded back in 2003 by two surf enthusiasts, Don Craig and Rick Greene. These guys had been friends for years, and they shared a passion for surfing and for the laid-back lifestyle that comes with it. They were also both getting up there in years - they were in their 50s - and they were starting to feel the effects of aging. Although you’ll never hear them say it, they were noticing they weren’t as fit as they used to be, and in turn, they started to feel like they weren't as cool as they used to be.

Instead of letting their age get them down, Don and Rick decided to embrace it. They realised that being an old guy was actually pretty awesome. They had wisdom, experience, and a whole lot of stories to tell. They could also where whatever the hell they wanted without judgment! The thing is that they didn’t want to just wear “anything” and that there was a whole community of guys out there who felt the same way they did. They were proud of their age and wanted to show it off.

That's when the idea for Old Guy's Rule was born. Don and Rick started designing t-shirts that celebrated the awesomeness of being an old guy. They had slogans like "Vintage Surfari," "Respect Your Elders," and "Old Guys Rule," all emblazoned on colourful, beach-inspired designs. They made hats, stickers, and any accessory they could think of that helped guys show off their old-guy status.

The response was immediate and overwhelming. Guys from all over the country (USA) – and in turn, all over the world - started buying Old Guy's Rule gear. They loved the irreverent attitude, the cool designs, and the sense of camaraderie that came with being part of the Old Guy's Rule community. Don and Rick realized that they had hit on something big.

Over the years, Old Guy's Rule has become more than just a clothing brand. It's become a cultural touchstone for a certain type of guy - the guy who's proud of his age, who loves to surf or fish or golf or just hang out with his buddies, and who doesn't take life too seriously. Old Guy's Rule has become a symbol of the good life, and it's something that guys of all ages can relate to.

Of course, Old Guy's Rule hasn't been without its challenges. There have been copycats and imitators who have tried to cash in on the brand's success. There have been struggles with distribution and supply chain management. And there have been times when the brand has struggled to keep up with changing fashion trends.

But through it all, Old Guy's Rule has remained true to its roots. It's a brand that celebrates the joy of being an old guy, and it's a brand that resonates with guys of all ages. Whether you're a surfer in California, a fisherman in Florida, or just a guy who loves to hang out with his buddies, Old Guy's Rule has something for you.

So there you have it, folks - the history of Old Guy's Rule. It's a brand that started with two guys who wanted to celebrate their age and their love of surfing, and it's become a cultural phenomenon that resonates with guys all over the world. If you're an old guy - or even if you just aspire to be one - you owe it to yourself to check out Old Guy's Rule. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

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